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2023 presidency: Yahaya Bello under pressure to run, says Kogi commissioner

2023 presidency: Yahaya Bello under pressure to run, says Kogi commissioner
November 28
18:31 2020

Kingsley Fanwo, Kogi commissioner for information and communication, says many people have asked Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi, to contest the 2023 presidential race.


In a Twitter post on Saturday, Fanwo said the desire of Nigerians for a great country aligns with that of Bello, “so we know the deafening calls will bring about a defining moment for our nation.”

The commissioner told TheCable that he decided to post a tweet on the issue because many Nigerians are asking the governor to seek the highest office in the land.

The people are calling on him to run for president but he has not come out clearly to tell us whether he is accepting that clarion call or not,” he told TheCable over the phone.


“All over the six zones, we are having a lot of people calling on him to come and run. If you look at the people calling on him, it cuts across all parties and is not just an APC thing.

“He is a unifier. He is very capable and qualified, he perfectly fits into that bracket of what Nigeria wants.”

Bello, who is currently serving his second tenure in office, became one of Nigeria’s youngest governors at the age of 40 in 2015.

“He has shown that the youth can provide quality leadership in Nigeria,” Fanwo said, citing what he said are some of the governor’s biggest achievements so far in Kogi.


“In Kogi, we have diverse ethnic groups which were not unified; there was the challenge of insecurity and underdevelopment, but he came in 2016 and was able to unite the state.

When you look at the economy, he has been able to inject a lot of dynamism into the economic management of the state and we are also looking into agriculture.

“When you look at the challenges of Nigeria – lack of unity, insecurity, economic diversification – he has the answer to them.”



  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous November 29, 00:34

    You guys should stop lying to yourselves 😂😂😹. What degree of oblivion and self deceit is this?

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  2. Ahmed
    Ahmed November 29, 09:58

    The commissioner is as irresponsible as his principal, the governor? What do the have to show for their governance in Kogi state?? Nothing! The state remains decrepit and its capital, a glorified local government headquarters. It took a private individual to help in filling the Lokoja Ajaoukuta road recently inundated by flood. The likes of Yahaya Bello, is a bad advertorial for the youths who we seek to assume the mantle of leadership in the country. Shameless people!

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