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‘Let’s make this go viral’ — Twitter reactions as CNN presenter defends Nigerians on US visa ban

‘Let’s make this go viral’ — Twitter reactions as CNN presenter defends Nigerians on US visa ban
February 17
14:05 2020

A report by Fareed Zakaria, a CNN presenter, on the immigrant visa ban imposed on Nigeria by the Donald Trump administration is trending on social media.


The presenter of a weekly programme on CNN made a case for Nigeria, saying US authorities justified the ban with national security concerns but data available proved otherwise.

Citing CATO institute, Zakaria said four of the six countries listed in the ban – Nigeria, Myanmar, Tanzania and Eritrea – had no records on terror-related deaths caused by foreign-born attackers between 1975 and 2017.

He added that Nigerians are the most educated immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa in the US of which 59% aged 25 and older have at least a bachelor’s degree, according to migration policy institute.


Nigerians, both home and abroad, took to Twitter to share their views about Zakaria’s comment.

Below are the reactions:

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  1. Wise king
    Wise king February 22, 10:49

    The USA is telling you to fight the wrongs in your country and stop running to their country. Make life miserable for that your relatives working or supporting this evil blood sucking Government of Bihari. Sanity begins at home. Is it the poor that can afford to travel to the USA or any developed countries. You have relatives in the military and security agencies. Remind them of their constitutional roles against a tyrant government. Stop supporting the politicians. Condemn the look worm positions of your religions leaders who are concern of their pockets alone. Finally let’s form a strong Opposition against this cover8. Well just my take

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